How to build a Static Serverless Blog for FreeπŸ˜‡

Hello Hashnoders ! 🀠

This is my first article on hashnode. So I thought, let me share you, my latest experience on building my website completely Static + Serverless based Architecture My Website

I recently also shared a article on What's the Difference Between SSG vs Serverless vs Headless vs Jamstack ! You can read it here

Lets deep down on how I built my website.

Stack Used

So, How does this Stack works ?

So this is the underlying process ( trying to explain in English)

  1. I Used Jekyll Devlopr theme to modify my Site locally

  2. After building the site, I push the build to master branch of my repo

  3. I choose the master branch of my repo as my Github Pages Build Branch.

  4. I automated the process of building the jekyll site with every push with CloudCannon.

  5. I connected the website with my custom domain using Godaddy DNS settings and used SSL from Cloudflare

  6. I use Forestry Admin Panel to make changes to my posts or content. Using Cloudinary CDN Enabled Images.

  7. I use Algolia for Instant Search for my Posts.

  8. In order to build the search indexes of Algolia, everytime I had to call the Api. To automate this I used ,TravisCI

  9. Whenever a push is made by me through Admin, the build is automatically generated and taken care by Cloudcannon and Travis and they both

  10. Taddaaa.. ! The blog post will appear automatically.

By the way there is no cost involved.. all the third parties I am using have a Free Tier. All you need to buy is a Custom domain.

You can check out the here : Blog - Sujay Kundu. Do try devlopr and let me know your feedback and any features that can be helpful ! πŸ™‚

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Thanks for reading πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€

I really liked Hashnode Blog Platform too.. with such a great community. 😍 Cheers !

Nick Kramer's photo

That entire process is relatively simple given the amount of tools you listed! I also really like the design of your Jekyll template, so if it's alright I might use that or tweak it a little for my own site.

Appreciate the insight and a quick starter guide to a serverless, and free, blog

Sujay Kundu's photo

Glad ! I would love your feedback πŸ˜ƒ

dhanushka madushan's photo

Nice work @SujayKundu. Is it multi author supported framework?

Sujay Kundu's photo

Yes ! You can invite your authors through Forestry and they can add posts as well :D